In 1997, Liangtse Group founded the first natural therapy research institute and the first massage healthcare service company in China. Throughout 21 years of development, our company has established over 400 chained stores around the globe. With the unwavering commitment to service quality and constant innovation, China Liangtse Group has become one of the leading brands among the health service industry..


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-Zen Tuina 60min-

The Zen-style Tuina massage works effectively in relieving muscle stiffness and pains, enhancing metabolism, strengthening function of the muscle and tendons, while imparting a sense of energy.

-Chi Balance 60min-

An ancient massage technique that focuses on your back, one of the most stressful areas with numerous meridians. The Chi Balance helps to release tension and stress in the back and lumbar area.

-Jade Journey 60min-

Jade Journey utilizes hot stones to help you to balance your stress on your back. It also includes a gentle and soothing massage that brings together two elements of traditional Chinese massage, shiatsu and aromatic essential oil.

-Aijiu Care 45min-

Aijiu is one of the oldest natural form of treatment with a history of over 3000 years. Ai is a traditional Chinese herbal which helps to on releasing blockages in the body’s energy pathways, activating circulation when heated and placed close to your body. In a 45-minute program, you will get a 15-minute massage followed by a 30-minute Aijiu on one body area of your choice.

-Classic Massage 30min-

The therapist will focus on one of the following positions: head, neck &shoulders, back, stomach and legs to help you relieve stress and muscle pain, enhance your blood circulation.

-Full Body Massage 90min-

By releasing the blockages of your energy pathways and stimulating the reflex points in your feet, this massage helps you to relieve stress, activate circulation, and strengthen immunity.

-Reflexology 50min-

The therapist works on specific reflex points in the feet using thumb pressure. Activating these reflexes helps improve circulation and promote relaxation.


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